Dr Adrienne Bartle

Areas of Specialty

Couples/ Relationship Therapy:

I am passionate about working alongside couples, helping them discover constructive ways they may remain connected. This includes helping them identify unhelpful patterns of behaviour and their source, develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their partners, discover new ways of communicating and relating to each other and support their growth both individually and together. I provide a safe, accepting and reflective environment for couples to share their vulnerabilities so they may deepen their trust and intimacy and by so doing, build a stronger, fulfilling relationship.   Some other issues I work with that frequently impact on and affect personal relationships include:

  • Sexual orientation and sexual identity
  • Misunderstandings about sexual development, appropriate and inappropriate sexual behaviours and establishing healthy sexual boundaries
  • Infidelity and “affairs”
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Sex workers
  • Blended family relationships
  • Trauma, EMDR, blended/step-families, older adults
  • Parenting, parent-child relationships
  • Parenting post-separation including visiting reluctance, designing parenting care plans, parenting co-ordination etc
  • Relationships following bereavement of significant loved one/family member, including suicide
  • Supporting survivors of narcissistic parents and/or partners.

Individual Therapy/Assessments

  • Clinical assessment and therapy for adolescents through to old age with a range of issues – depression, anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, OCD, Phobias, grief, Suicide
  • Psychological Trauma – childhood and recent including sexual, emotional and physical abuse
  • Sleep disorders
  • Gender reassignment therapy and reports
  • Gender dysmorphia
  • Separation, divorce, re-parenting and blended family issues
  • ADHD (child and adult)
  • Self-esteem, identity and intimacy issues
  • Relationship, cultural and religion difficulties
  • Grief, loss, existential and adjustment issues
  • Work stress/conflict resolution
  • Supporting survivors of narcissistic parents and/or partners.